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Sell Our Products

Mrs. Dunster's homestyle sweet baked goods are consumer favourites and popular sellers across the Maritime provinces and Maine. Our products are currently sold in everything from big box stores down to mom and pop shops, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with new retailers located in Atlantic Canada / US and further West.

A few reasons why retailers love selling Mrs. Dunster's donuts and cookies:

  1. 1

    Mrs. Dunster's donut products & cookies deliver on their promise of Homemade Taste in Every Bite. Great taste, strong margins and high inventory turns will add incremental profits to your bakery category.
  2. 2

    Our cake donuts are more dense and richer tasting than their yeast-risen counterparts. They simply taste more homemade, the way Mrs. Dunster made them.
  3. 3

    There's a "lard renaissance" a-brewin'! Foodies everywhere are flocking to food products made with the natural goodness of pure lard.
  4. 4

    Folks from the Maritimes & Maine LOVE their donuts and Mrs. Dunster's is the leading brand in each market. Did you know that we sell nearly 1,000,000 packages of our famous Mrs. Dunster's donut products each year in Maine? That's a LOT of customers. Don't miss out on this selling opportunity!

If you are interested in selling Mrs. Dunster's donuts and cookies, please call our
Sales Manager at: (506) 433 9333 Ext. 323.