Mrs. Dunster’s Culture


Mrs. Dunster’s makes old fashioned baked goods the way your grandmother made them. We’re proud to say our business principles are a bit old fashioned, too. We value people and do the right thing—even when no one is looking. Everyone at Mrs. Dunster’s puts the same care and attention into creating a positive, productive work culture as we do making fresh-baked products.

Our Promise



Bringing people together is at the heart of the Mrs. Dunster’s brand. Whether it’s a delicious donut over coffee break or a sandwich at lunch, Mrs. Dunster’s has always been more than just its products. People power Mrs. Dunster’s more than any ingredient or piece of equipment. We believe good people are irreplaceable. That’s why they’ve always been our most important asset—and they always will be.

A Positive
Work Environment

Mrs. Dunster’s works hard to create an environment where people want to work. When people walk into work at Mrs. Dunster’s, the smell of freshly baked goods rises around them, lifting their spirits and inspiring a positivity from every employee that’s baked into all of our products. You can taste it.

See Careers


There’s amazing work being done in the Maritimes by incredible people. As Maritimers, we’re humble by nature. Too often we play small and fly under the radar, mistakenly believing any strength overplayed is a weakness. Part of Mrs. Dunster’s culture is celebrating wins. We’re proud to be on the East Coast of Canada, and we want others to feel that way, too.

Using Our
for Good

The team at Mrs. Dunster’s is committed to solving real world problems: we help families rise above poverty by providing sustainable jobs. We ignite kids’ interest in libraries and address adult literacy in rural communities. We assist with strategic planning so non-profits and other community organizations can be more successful. Mrs. Dunster’s gives back to the community that has supported us for decades. And that’s one of our biggest measures of success.