Satisfy your sweet tooth!

For over 50 years,

our bakers have been using Mrs. Dunster’s famous recipes to make sweet treats with a homemade taste in every bite.

We bake all kinds of delicious donuts, cookies, brownies, pies, tarts, cakes and dessert loaves—and we bake them all fresh every single day. We change up the selection, but we never compromise taste and quality.


Mrs. Dunster’s donuts are what started it all. Our rich, dense cake donuts (we’d never settle for yeast-risen donuts) honor the tradition of Mrs. Dunster—and grandmothers everywhere. Packed with flavor and weighing in at ~60 grams, our signature donuts have so much taste, there’s no room for a hole.

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Treat yourself without spoiling your appetite. Made with the same recipe as our full-sized donuts, what these donuts lack in size, they make up in flavor.

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One of Ingrid Dunster’s specialties, crescents are two-bite, croissant-shaped donuts—and one of our most-loved sweets. Mrs. Dunster’s crescents come in a baker’s dozen (13 per package), so they’re perfect for sharing. But, we won’t tell if you keep them all to yourself.

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Like our donuts, Mrs. Dunster’s cookies are baked with our homemade taste in every bite. We specialize in baking classic comforting flavors that will remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen.

Did you know we also make frozen cookie dough? It’s perfect for fundraisers!

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Squares & Brownies

Another classic treat, Mrs. Dunster’s squares and brownies come in a variety of flavours, made just like your grandma would’ve made them. Savour every bite on your own sweet time.

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Muffins &
Dessert Loaves

The perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee or an afternoon tea, Mrs. Dunster’s muffins and dessert loaves are a favorite snack among people on the East coast of Canada.

Pies & Tarts

Mrs. Dunster’s fruits pies and cream pies are made with loving care and only the freshest ingredients (never frozen or canned fruits). That’s why our pie and tart selection varies depending on the season and fruit availability. Stop in to see what we have in-store, but be warned: our famous pies sell out quickly!

Cakes &

From birthdays and weddings to baby showers and retirement parties, Mrs. Dunster’s cakes and cupcakes make every occasion that much better.