Peanut and Tree Nut Free

Anything and everything displaying a Mrs. Dunster’s (or Snairs) logo is made in a nut free facility. 

We go to great lengths to make sure no nuts come in contact with Mrs. Dunster’s and Snair’s products. All ingredients are screened before entering our kitchens in Sussex, New Brunswick. That attention to detail goes into every ingredient we buy and every item we bake.

Dozens of times a year, we hear some variation of this story from parents: their child has a nut or peanut allergy, sometimes a life-threatening one. That child has never had the opportunity to walk into a bakery and choose whatever they wanted. That child often has a sibling (or two or three) who don’t have nut allergies, so there’s even more disappointment. When they realize all of Mrs. Dunster’s food is safe to eat, these kids load up with donuts, cookies, muffins and pies—more than they can possibly eat—because they’re just so excited.

Your stories motivate us to do what’s right. Running a nut-free kitchen empowers people who have had to make sacrifices with food their whole lives. It’s an emotional experience for the child, their parent(s) and, frankly, for everyone at Mrs. Dunster’s, too. That’s the reason Mrs. Dunster’s remains a nut free and peanut free facility.