Your Stories

Our favorite memories of our grandparents are often their stories. And nothing brings the team at Mrs. Dunster’s greater joy than hearing your stories.

Over the years, we’ve heard countless heartwarming stories about how our products have positively influenced your lives and your relationships with loved ones, bringing back fond memories and helping to create new ones.

From grandchildren sharing donuts and laughs with grandparents, to sending a taste of home to friends who’ve moved away, to simply thanking us for buying the business so Mrs. Dunster’s legacy can live on for future generations, your stories give us that warm-as-fresh-baked-bread feeling.

Here are some of our favorites. Keep ‘em comin’.

Angela O.

Facebook Fan

“LOVE your donuts. Every summer we would visit our grandparents in New Brunswick. My grandmother would serve Dunster’s donuts warmed in the oven, they were amazing, soft and warm in the middle and crispy on the outside. Awesome!”

Wendy M.

New Brunswick

“I have been buying Mrs. Dunsters donuts for years. So good! My husband was going to his mother’s for a visit and I asked him to pick me up a few cookies. She is also a great cook. My husband returned with three huge ginger snaps. To my surprise, they tasted homemade. They’re the BEST GINGER SNAPS I ever tasted, as good as homemade, if not better. I called my mother-in-law and asked about them. She filled me in that when she runs out of cookies she buys these cookies and the small donuts made by Mrs. Dunster’s. I will be buying them also.”

Randee C.


“I live in Maine (York County). I find my Mrs. Dunsters donuts at WalMart. My favorite are the Chocolate Sugar Nuggets, 5 every night with a cup of hot chocolate. They are just like the ones my favorite Auntie Bev made every morning at 4am.”

Daniel B.


“Living in Petawawa/Pembroke Ontario area and missing those chocolate crunch donuts. I was born and brought up in Moncton, NB. My brother and I used to drop in to John Boy Irving’s Gas Bar on weekends during the school year to grab a flavoured java and Mrs. Dunster’s Donuts before embarking on the day’s outdoor chores (home or elsewhere) and that tradition continued as I grew up. I still wonder if the new Big Stop in Salisbury has the same set up. Every time I’m in the maritimes I look for the same set up to bring back memories… and if none in a jar, I’d buy a bag. My wife is now hooked on them, a friend of hers is picking some up for us on the way back from New Brunswick.”