Homemade Taste In Every Bite

The Mrs. Dunster’s Promise

When Ingrid Dunster began selling her homemade donuts in the 1960s, she baked them with only the freshest, most authentic ingredients. We’re proud to follow the Maritime-famous, Dunster family recipe to this day. Our bakers are committed to preserving that homemade taste. We promise you’ll taste it in the first bite—and in every delicious bite after that. That’s our promise to you.

Zero Shortcuts

Mrs. Dunster’s doesn’t take shortcuts. We promise to bake and deliver fresh products. That’s why we start fresh, every day. We use fresh fruit even though it’s more expensive and labor intensive because that’s our commitment to quality. We still fry our donuts in old-fashioned lard. We bake everything the way your grandmother did—with loving care and attention, hand-measuring ingredients, and taking time to get it right.

Independently Owned and Operated

Mrs. Dunster’s remains independently owned on the East Coast of Canada, which helps us deliver on our promise of freshness to our customers. It allows us to maintain high-quality standards and know exactly where all our ingredients come from. For example, we know the farmer that supplied the milk that made the butter that went into the garlic cheese bread. 

Being independent is also how Mrs. Dunster’s makes a difference in our local community and gets to know our regulars by name. We believe these personal touches are what make us special, honouring the tradition of Mrs. Dunster.

Local, High-Quality Ingredients 

Mrs. Dunster’s bakers mix tremendous passion with fresh, high-quality ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever possible. Our butter is made in Sussex, New Brunswick. Our eggs are all local. Our flour is milled locally in the Maritimes. Our milk powder and the molasses we use are made in the Maritimes. Much of the fruit we use comes from the Maritimes. 

A lot of energy and effort goes into these quality control measures, but that’s the level of commitment the team at Mrs. Dunster’s puts into absolutely everything we bake.