Our Story

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

In the 1960s, Ingrid Dunster earned a reputation for making the absolute best donuts in town. Baked with only the freshest, most natural ingredients, Ingrid’s homemade donuts were lovingly made using a secret family recipe. Mrs. Dunster’s friends, family and neighbors eventually convinced her to share her delicious donuts with the rest of the community. So, she started selling donuts out of the family home.

What started as a passion project became a full-time business. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Mrs. Dunster’s husband, Harold, helped Mrs. Dunster build the brand by taking donuts to independent grocery stores as part of his bread route. After just one bite, people fell in love with the incredible flavor. The donuts were in such high demand, the Dunsters moved their bakery from the family home to a commercial kitchen with a little café to better serve their growing fan base.

On the Rise

Word of mouth created even more demand for Mrs. Dunster’s homemade baked goods, which were now being distributed to other communities in New Brunswick and outside of the province. The business continued to grow, but the Dunsters were getting older. Their daughter and son-in-law took over the business, but after a fatal accident, the company’s future was uncertain.

The public’s appetite for Mrs. Dunster’s donuts was undeniable, attracting the attention of Dairytown Processing Ltd. In 1996, Dairytown bought Mrs. Dunster’s so Ingrid’s legacy could live on. They converted a grocery store in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada, into a large-scale kitchen to house Mrs. Dunster’s operations.

The Return to a Family Business Model

Years later, Dairytown changed ownership and many people, including dairy farmers in New Brunswick, voiced concern about Mrs. Dunster’s future. Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop saw unlimited potential in the Mrs. Dunster’s brand. Ever since their first date, Blair and Rosalyn dreamed about one day having their own business. So, in 2014, they forked over the dough to buy the company, returning Mrs. Dunster’s back to its family business roots.

Rosalyn’s passion for community service and her experience sitting on numerous boards, set the foundation for a profitable, socially-conscious business model. Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop’s ability to be successful in their home province was a huge payoff. And you can bet dollars to donuts that Mrs. Dunster’s will continue making delicious baked goods for years to come.